Selection and confirmation of niche ideas

This is what you get here:

Selection of the consistent specialization idea and examination of your niche regarding conformity to your essence.

That arises from it:

Clarity as to whether the niche or specialization really suits you and why.

This is what you bring:

The un­conditional intention of wanting to move forward! Stagnation, doubts or ambiguity in niches and speciali­zations are quite natural, we will solve that!

What could be the next possible step?

To book an individual session with me !

Investment: 84 EUR (72 GBP / 102 USD / 92 CHF) VAT inclusive. Duration between 45 and 90 minutes per session. Consulting via telephone, video or messenger-call. Time zone for the slots shown in the booking calender is: UTC+01/UTC+02 (CET/CEST).

Or to inform yourself more about me first or take advantage of my other offers here

Specialization for versatile and multi-gifted professionals

Multi-gifted, scanners or jack-of-all-trades are also very welcome, read the article below or get deeper into this here.

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