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Which of your many good ideas represents the one card you should bet everything on?

Having many voices / hearts in you can have a wide variety of causes, the most common being that you have not yet recognized your essence or purpose of existence, so you have not yet "aligned with yourself", which creates space for external influencing.

However, this is not a problem, but is a natural development process, which would not be possible without entanglement.

First and foremost, it is important to find the common thread that unites all your ideas and talents and then, secondly, to select the things that serve your goal, e.g. to earn money, to get ahead or to calm down.

It must also be taken into account on which level and for which purposes you work, maybe you are here to set impulses, but not to implement them.

In addition, there are laws and regulations in the physical-material world that must be considered.

I am happy to come into play with all these questions and support you in choosing the right idea and testing your niche for conformity to nature. This creates clarity as to whether the niche or specialization really suits you and why.

This is what you bring: the un­conditional intention of wanting to move forward! Stagnation, doubts or ambiguity in niches and speciali­zations are quite natural, we will solve that!

As a multi­talented, scanner, Allrounder or Jack-of-all-trades, you are absolutely welcomed were to read my special considerations here.


Gabriel Waldeyer

Article about specialization for versatile and multi-gifted professionals

Multi-gifted, scanners or jack-of-all-trades are also very welcome, read the article below or get deeper into this here.

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