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Holistic focus consulting for jack-of-all-trades, all-rounders, versatiles, multi-gifted and scanner personalities

Do you know that ? As a multi-gifted, multi-interested, scanner, jack-of-all-trades you have already walked countless paths or have completed many trainings and you absolutely can't commit yourself to only one thing, because that simply doesn't correspond with your nature. Two voices are inside you calling "left" and "right" at the same time. You are often overflowing with ideas and don't have any priorization with them, but you want to get ahead in your profession.

You have many professional target groups, spiritual ways, projects, coaches, places of residence, leisure activities, partners, working spaces, webpages, friends, interests, ideas, etc ... at the same time up and running, you like to dance at many weddings and love diversity. Decide reluctantly for one thing / one person. You often feel torn inside.

If you concentrate your energies on only one thing, you may have concerns that this could be exactly the wrong thing and that this will not help you, so you prefer to position yourself broadly (generalist instead of specialist)?

You also find it totally boring to only deal with one thing.

Oh by the way: I am/was like that too !

There was almost no greater fear for me than that of boredom. I thought simplicity was the opposite of diversity.

For me personally I have recognized that the trait of diversity only partially corresponds to my true nature, but that I acted out of fear or not being attached to my higher guidance:

Fear of no longer getting customers and earning less or no more money if the job offer was too small. Afraid to meet myself, my dark side. Fear of loss of love. Fear of inner emptiness and unfulfilledness. Fear of not gaining knowledge or not developing if I stayed with just one thing. Fear of manipulation or falling prey to a false prophet. Fear of being exploited.

The broader I searched for the meaning of life, the less I found it. The more I looked away from my dark side, the more I encountered it outside. I built up a broad knowledge instead of a deep one and recognized the forest less and less for the trees.

Is your life's sense really to be a scanner ?

He actually seems to exist, the type of the multi-gifted or the "scanner personalities". Are you one of them? Does this really correspond to your core being? Then I recommend you not to declare your being a problem, but to live the qualities of it to the full, i.e. to fully embrace yourself. There are interesting books on this by Barbara Sher, for example "What do I do when I want to do everything?".

But please consider, if you are constantly "spoiled for choices", whether you are really connected to your own higher guidance (soul, higher self).

Inner conflicts cost a lot of energy!

I don't want to convince you at this point that specialization is better than generalization, but if you feel a kind of inner division due to your multitude of orientations, where one side wants to the right and the other to the left, then you can consult me and we look together at each topic for a clear YES or NO. With the YES there is also a WHY YES in the final stage. If that then comes and there are no further “if’s” and “but’s” from your part, because at that moment you yourself got clarity (which you did not have before due to operational blindness), the target is reached.

As soon as your ambiguities say goodbye and nothing within yourself fights against each other the right course for your future is set and my work is over.

If I may accompany you on this path of knowledge or be your mirror, I would be very happy about it as this means to grow together through our connection and mirroring !


Gabriel Waldeyer

Offer for Jack-of-all-trades

Experience has shown that with pronounced scanner personalities, one appointment is not enough to sort out the multitude of interests and orientations, to summarize them, to find the central theme.

→ I recommend to consider my intensive care package here.

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